Under the wise leadership of the Arab Republic of Egypt under the leadership of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his orientations towards Africa, an agreement was reached between Inter National Logistics Solutions and Represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Counselor Ahmed Youssef. Captain Ali Ahmed Youssef, and it was agreed with the Buckingham Foundation, represented by the managing director and advisor to the group, Hassan Imam Ammar, Dr. Tara Youglasen, Director General of the Washington Office of the United States of America, Dr. Nermin Soliman, Director of Diplomatic and External Relations, and Mr. Mohamed Sayed, representing the State of Egypt and Cameroon, and it was agreed to encourage the Egyptian product ( Made in Egypt) to export Egyptian products, which are summarized in foodstuffs, medicines and building materials. Counselor Hassan Imam Ammar, founder of Buckingham, said, “We chose to invest in Rwanda because of its strategic location, which will allow us to reach the markets of the region and Africa as a whole, and we are committed to providing high quality services for Effective contribution to the growth of the pharmaceutical sector in Rwanda in particular and Africa in general “under the wise leadership of His Excellency President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and his encouragement to Egyptian businessmen and the trend towards Africa for the future. >> https://www.anb2.org/news.php?id=6888&type=news