From selling our Cutting Edge Rock Salt in your local Market.

At FANCYSPEED GROUP, LLC, we specialize in manufacturing salt ice melt and other types of the purest rock salt around the world providing it wholesale to area businesses. In today’s post, we are briefly going to discuss three reasons why we believe that your business could benefit from selling our Cutting Edge Rock Salt  product.


It is a common misconception that rock salt can only be used to melt ice when in reality it is almost a more proficient product in generating traction. People typically opt to use chemical ice melt when there is a lot of ice that needs to be melted in a timely manner while using rock salt to create traction and slowly melt small to medium amounts of ice. The most common uses of rock salt that you might know of are to coat winter roads and create traction for vehicles, as well as to create traction on the sidewalk for pedestrians — leading us to our next point.


This benefit is something that you, as a distributor of our cutting edge rock salt product, should try to market to your customers is that it covers their professional liability if they are a business owner. As a business owner, it is their responsibility to keep the sidewalks in front of their building free of slick ice and other wintery byproducts. By utilizing bagged salt, they may be able to avoid a premises liability lawsuit.


Often times people think of rock salt as a tool for responding to ice and snow, when in reality it can be just as beneficial if applied before the accumulation of snow. Rock salt will melt ice and snow in temperatures as low as 15 degrees, meaning if it is about to snow and you apply rock salt to your driveway it might be easier to shovel after the snowing has ended. Reminding you customers of rock salt’s utility will end up benefiting your landscaping materials store in the end.

Why Do I Need Bulk Rock Salt?

You may wonder why you should buy rock salt in bulk in advance instead of purchasing the materials on an as-needed basis. It’s in the best interest of businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, municipalities, snow-spreading contractors, and other organizations to pick up bulk rock salt ahead of time. By doing so, you will:

  • Avoid the Rush – Don’t make the mistake of joining the masses by waiting until the last minute to rush out and purchase rock salt by the bag. When you’ve got a relatively large property to cover, you’ll need to purchase multiple bags at a time which could be increasingly difficult when the entire city is pulling all of the available units off of the shelves.
  • Have an Ample Supply – Buying in bulk – and especially buying in advance – will ensure that you have enough rock salt on hand when you need it. Even if a surprise storm hits, you won’t have to skimp on spreading de-icer as a means of keeping your property free of dangerous icy patches.
  • Survive a Shortage – When winter drags on longer than anticipated, businesses and organizations who aren’t well-prepared could find that they begin to run short on their stockpile of ice melt. To avoid the stress of a deficit and being required to pay inflated prices in order to cover your property, it’s wise to buy rock salt in bulk before the season begins.
  • Save Time – Buying in bulk provides you with the option of having your rock salt delivered directly to your location. This will spare you the necessity of making the time and effort to travel to your supplier and load up on the materials on your own.
  • Save Money – Purchasing rock salt as-you-go will more-than likely cause you to end up overspending. Making frequent trips to your supplier or being required to place multiple orders is inefficient and uneconomical.


AIMR provides a variety of sodium chloride products for both commercial and residential uses. With access to the best mines and resources available, our product stock is certainly considerable.

Raw Salt

Containing rather large crystals, this unrefined form of mined Egyptian rock salt bulk often contains a large amount of sediment and dirt. Still, however, it has proven useful certainly for de-icing bulk applications along with a variety of industrial applications.

raw salt

Washed Salt

Washing bulk rock salt in its brine, the undesirable matter is thus removed and the product is essentially cleaned, leaving it whiter in appearance, closer to what many would consider the “true” color of salt.  Useful in industrial and chemical applications, this washed salt can also ultimately be used toward the production of table salt and can be shipped in bulk or jumbo bags.

washed salt

Crushed Salt

Once mined and extracted, large salt crystals will often go through a cycle in which it may get crushed three or four times. Using grinding mills, we can create smaller particles suitable for use in a number of industries.

crushed salt

Sieved Salt

With Sieved Salt, the material is taken through a screening process in which the resultant particles (and what AIMR consequently is able to supply)

sieved salt



Our salt begins with the ancient seas surrounding the Siwan Oasis. Located in Egypt’s western desert, Siwa is rich in the byproduct of this evaporated ocean: halite.Extracting this Egyptian rock salt from beneath layers of sand, we are able to harvest sodium chloride that has a purity level of over 99%.

How we supply ROCK SALT?

VIA our chartering management we would be able to place your order immediately to any port around the world via any chosen trading contract even if via “ FLT , LIFO, FIOS,…etc

As we have our own sector to control our shipping process, feel free to contact us immediately and begin requesting your supplies that related to rock salt.

Our shipping process goes smoothly via our own management as we are an international freight forwarding agency as well so we don’t have any problems on handling and our service is competitive.