Code of conduct and ethical standards of FANCY SPEED CARGO SYSTEMS -EGYPT

• in the enhancement of our industry’s contribution to the development of freight industry and c. Clearance
• in institutionalizing an environment founded on professionalism, equity, fairness, honesty and accountability
• in cultivating solidarity and unity amid our ranks, and do hereby adopt and promulgate this code of conduct and ethical standards for air/sea freight

CANON 1 Responsibility To The Industry

• Fancy speed shall conduct its’ business in line with what is for the best interest of the freight forwarding industry.
• Fancy speed shall always keep a wholistic view of the industry’s needs and concerns and ensure that our actions are always geared towards the industry’s growth and development.

CANON 2 Commitment To Clients

• FSCS shall always uphold our clients’ interest over and above his personal gain.
• FSCS shall always work towards clients’ satisfaction and ensure the delivery of efficient and quality service, reasonable rates and reliability in the timely shipment and safe handling of goods.
• FSCS shall give premium to honesty in dealing with clients to preserve the credibility of the freight forwarder and the integrity of the industry as a whole.
• FSCS shall hold in strict confidence, all information acquired in the course of the relationship concerning the business and the affairs of their client. No such information is to be divulged unless authorized by the client, or required by law.

CANON 3 Professionalism

• FSCS must be able to demonstrate competence and expertise in his line of work when servicing a client.
• FSCS shall perform its’ duties with the highest degree of excellence and dedication and carry ourselves with all politeness, decency and decorum when dealing with clients.
• To his colleagues in the industry, FSCS shall always be equitable and shall avoid causing unfair competition for our own benefit.
• FSCS shall not engage in the piracy of employees, principals and or agents of other freight forwarding companies that will give him undue advantage over the others or otherwise create dissension in the ranks.

CANON 4 Accountability To Government

• Fancy Speed shall faithfully comply with all Egyptian government laws, rules and regulations as well as requirements without any reluctance and hesitation.

CANON 5 Commitment To The Association

• Fancy speed commits to contribute to the goals and support the programs of the association and pledge compliance to its rules and regulations as well as its code of conduct and ethical standards.
• Fancy speed shall not engage in any practice, which tends to corrupt the integrity and reputation of the association.