The Pharmaceutical sector is presented with a range difficult challenges: growing cost pressures, affecting bottom lines, regulatory requirements continue to change, sometimes with little warning. While globalization generates more opportunities, it also brings more competition.
In these circumstances, a well-managed supply chain is critical to your success.

FSCS provides Freight Forwarding and Logistics services for the healthcare sector that are designed to manage the global physical movement and visibility requirements across large and complex global supply chains.

Pharmaceutical shipping has specialized demands. Whether medications are temperature-sensitive or time-sensitive — or both — clients need to know exactly where their products are and their condition.   To comply with safety regulations,

Priority Shipments and Time Critical Movements are precisely managed and controlled for sensitive and urgent consignments. This may include expedited customs solutions and same day arrival service

The high value of products and equipment within this sector demands zero tolerance of damage and loss and our KPI agreements with customers are rigorously maintained and consistently improved. Carrier management and space reliability are closely managed to ensure reliable uplift for both Air and Sea Freight movements.