Whether you manufacture goods for the domestic or international market, it’s important that the transportation process for your products is managed properly. For the inexperienced this can be an intimidating and complex process, made worse by how essential to your operations it is.
There are many important challenges that need to be carefully considered and dealt with to ensure a smooth supply chain. Tracking shipments, liaising with trading partners and researching the best, most cost effective transportation plans are all important things that need expert consideration.

Most large manufacturing companies contract specialist freight forwarding companies in order to streamline and oversee this process? When considering different companies, manufacturers must consider a number of different factors to ensure that a company is able to meet their requirements.

FSCS can produce tailor-made, freight management solutions for even the largest and most technically challenging of projects. Our experienced team has the knowledge and familiarity of the regulations and requirements for companies shipping large amounts of often heavy and our of gauge goods overseas. We can take away any administrative work from your team and ensure that your goods arrive on schedule and with minimal delay.

Fancy Speed Cargo Systems provides its manufacturing client’s with the following:

• Personalized solutions for your companies freight management needs, along with high quality, consistent customer service at every stage of delivery.
• Global coverage across a number of new and emerging markets, ensuring that your cargo gets where it needs to be.
• Our expert team is sourced from a wide variety of different industries, meaning they have the relevant experience to tackle any potential obstacles your shipments may encounter.
• Knowledge and expertise in all global international shipping regulations for large scale, Dangerous or heavy shipments.

Our team understands the challenges that manufacturers face in today’s world and our expertise can help you identify and react to new supply chain challenges.
Talk to our industry specialists about our manufacturing supply chain management solutions.