Fairs & Exhibition Organizing

In keeping with our primary role as international forwarders, with this new division we are determined to further develop our activities of the organization of Trade Fairs throughout the world. We strive to provide our “KNOW HOW” to assist all the way from the arranging of transport documentation up to the transport of your merchandise to the Stands. We provide our qualified personnel at Fairs, as well as all things necessary to assure that your participation at the Fair results in future business development for your and for our benefit.

Along with the staff of our local offices, we are present at the Fair location two days before opening. We make sure your merchandise has arrived at the Stand and guarantee our customers the full organizational assistance necessary.

One of our strengths is in the personalization of costs. We furnish ad hoc estimates calculated by routing and by the quantity of materials to ship. We seek to develop customer loyalty by always performing to our maximum capacity in terms of competence, punctuality and reliability.

Fairs have become increasingly important events for companies engaged in all sectors. The evolution of the contemporary market is towards total globalization. Therefore, it is no longer possible to prosper in business without becoming recognized outside of the local market.

For this reason, Fairs are the best occasion to look for new clients who normally would be difficult to contact. This is even more so at large international Fairs, especially in the “business to business” field. At such Fairs, one often has the occasion to set up business transactions that can completely change the course of a company and project that company toward more advantageous horizons.

Our services at international and intercontinental Trade Fairs:

1. Collaboration with our qualified personnel to draw up documents before sending them to destination
2. Shipment of the merchandise by sea, by air or by truck, and notice of delivery of the merchandise
3. Readiness of the merchandise
4. Customs clearance of the merchandise
5. Setting up at the Stand
6. Assistance at the Fair by our personnel two days prior and until closing to assure your success at the Fair, and to assist exhibitors with a possible reentry of merchandise
7. Re-delivery of merchandise once it is returned to Italy
8. Forwarding of the goods wherever you want
9. And, we offer all around assistance for anything the exhibitors require

We are able to guarantee you all of this thanks to the direct connections we have created over the years with official fair agents of various shows the world over.
For any type of goods or any trade fair, we will have the best solution to your needs.